The Pavy Story

William “Old Bill” Pavy, was born into a life of privilege in the 1930s, enjoying a fulfilling childhood. After schooling and service in the Navy, Bill decided his heart was in the country and Bill made his mark in South Australia’s Wrattonbully region. He witnessed the wool industry boom, revelled in many sports cars and several marriages and often indulged in a glass of good red and a cigar while laughing and telling stories which he loved to share with us. After his death in 1998, to celebrate his life we planted our rootlings on Pavy’s Run to produce a range of wines to enjoy, treasure and toast to our old mate, Bill Pavy.

"Bill Pavy in Pictures" is a romantic range of wines dedicated to the life, times and stories of Bill's childhood.

Pavy Today

When the Ottoson Group first combined to plant vineyards in 1995, our sole aim was to produce quality red and white grapes for premium brands. Years later, this passion and involvement in the industry resulted in Pavy Wine’s first wine production, a full bodied Cabernet, released in 2001. Today, together with our love of food and wine, a strong connection with the land and it’s heritage, Pavy Wines continues to grow a boutique range of wines the Ottoson family are passionate about.

Our Region

Wrattonbully is nestled in a secluded area of World Heritage-listed ancient geology in the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

Originally settled by hardworking farming pioneers, it’s now known for its ideal viticultural qualities.

With the renowned rich Terra Rossa soil overlaying ancient limestone, plus ample rainfall and abundant sunshine the Wrattonbully region provides perfect growing conditions for rich and flavoursome grapes.